Jordin Brianna Sparks, born December 22, 1989, is an American pop singer and performer who became famous at age seventeen when she won season six of American Idol and released her self-titled debut album, which went Platinum.Sparks' second album, Battlefield (2009), debuted at number 7 on the US Billboard 200. Its lead single, ... Read More
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See that expression of pure joy above? That’s what happens when a true beauty lover steps into Allure‘s product closet, even if said beauty lover is Jordin Sparks. We gave the American Idol star 60 seconds to run wild and pull together her dream beauty haul. What did she grab? A few of our favorite makeup picks, like the Urban Decay Naked Smoky eye-shadow palette and Nars All Day Luminous Foundation. But get this: Out of the approximately ten bajillion eye-makeup options, Sparks also zeroed in on a $7.99 drugstore mascara.

Sparks chose the L’Oréal Miss Manga Voluminous Mascara, a long-wearing mascara that creates a dramatic, doll-like effect. And it was a wise choice: The product is so good, we gave it a Best of Beauty Award last year. Its tapered wand bends to deliver insane length and volume, and the waterproof formula keeps that sexiness from melting halfway down your face (even if your face is constantly subjected to high-intensity stage lighting and/or fog machines and/or special laser effects).




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Here are ten things we learned chatting with the American Idol alum:

1.She’s a baking pro. “In my family, I make the best cupcakes, because I just love to mess around with different flavors. But I also really love to make breakfast, like eggs and burritos and sandwiches.”

2. And a coding novice. “I have an app on my phone called Swifty. My manager turned me on to it and it teaches you HTML and coding for computers, because that’s really interesting. I also have Japanese language apps, because that would be really cool to learn eventually.”

3. She was super disappointed in … Minions? “It makes me really sad to say this, because I’m such a kid at heart. I actually walked out of it! I just didn’t get it. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mindset or maybe there weren’t enough people in the theater laughing along, but it just didn’t do it for me. I love Despicable Me, though.”

4. Big Sean’s I Don’t F— With You is great for breakups. “I love the chorus: It’s very simple, but it means a lot. You can put a lot of emotion behind that. If somebody’s going through a breakup and they need to sing or yell something at the top of their lungs, that is the song to play.”

5. She’s now reading vampire novel Prince Lestat by Anne Rice. “I just started, I’m on like Chapter 4, so I’ve barely made a dent. But I do really like it so far, I love the way she describes everything. I like fantasy stuff and science fiction books a lot.”

6. Her biggest fears are moths and the ocean. “It’s just weird — there shouldn’t be bugs that are fluffy and fuzzy, they just gross me out. And I’m very scared of ocean water, it scares me to death that I can’t see what’s under me. Like, have you seen what’s at the bottom of the ocean? I can look at it, but I don’t want to be in it.”

7. You’ll always find matches in her purse. “I have a lot, actually. I like to collect matches from different places, like restaurants and stuff. I have like five of them fromZumanity, the Cirque du Soleil show.”

8. ‘N Sync was her very first concert. “I was in fifth grade, and I went with my friend Melissa, and Pink and Sisqó opened for them. It was so crazy, I remember being in the balcony screaming my head off for ‘N Sync and then the confetti fell, and I caught some. My friend gave me this little picture frame that had my ticket, a picture of ‘N Sync and some of the confetti in there. I still have it.”

9. She’s never tardy to the party. “I hate being late, it gives me really bad anxiety, but it’s a really big pet peeve when other people are late, too. Also, when I’m flying and I’m reading my book or a magazine, and somebody reads over my shoulder? That happens a lot, and I don’t know why, but it just makes me so uncomfortable.”

10. Taco Bell is her fast food pleasure. “It was my favorite when I was eating it all the time. The Doritos Locos Tacos, those were just — I was like, ‘Really, you’re going to put Doritos and everything that makes Taco Bell just amazing inside of it? Like, I’m going to die.’ So good.”

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Most recent country radio No.1 “Crash and Burn”, penned by Chris Stapleton, is irresistible. But his duet with pop star Jordin Sparks, “Playing With Fire” is also a highlight. EW is excited to premiere a behind the scenes look at the making of that collaboration below.

Speaking to Rhett, he beams with praise for Sparks. “I think it took her, like, 18 minutes to record her part,” he says. “She’s just as talented as can be.” Rhett wanted to cut a duet because it was something he hadn’t done before, and while he originally looked at finding a guest from within the genre, everyone seemed to already be recording their own. They began looking in other circles. “Scott Borchetta, the head of our label [Big Machine], was out in L.A. forAmerican Idol and ran into Jordin,” Rhett says. “He told her about me and the song and she said yes right away.”

Sparks was clearly thrilled with the process. “I was so excited,” she tells EW. “I grew up listening to everything and I love country music — one day I will do a country album. I will! [And] the song is beautiful and we had a really great time in the studio. He had already done his part but he was with me the whole time and it was a really, really good time.” Part of that good time includes a visit from an unexpected icon. “Reba walked in!” Sparks says. “And she listened to the track! I mean, that was pretty nerve-wrecking, but she loved it.”

Rhett, who grew up surrounded by Country Music’s A-List — his father is Rhett Akins — remembers Sparks’ reaction. “I’ve been around Reba my whole life with dad and whatever, so it wasn’t really anything at first but Jordin was pretty excited. It was fun to see.”

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Please continue to bare with me as I still am continuing to update the gallery it is taking some time because I have to upload every photo from 2007-2015. It would only be right to have a website that has every appearance she has ever done. I would give myself maybe till the end of October to have the photo gallery up to date that way I can update the main page. 🙂
Thanks – Megan

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jordin sparks

Jordin Sparks has made a career out of age-appropriate pop — catchy enough for the charts, tame enough for your parents. The 25-year-old star’s first new LP in six years sees her becoming sexier, sassier and shadier with time. Taking cues from R&B upstarts like Tinashe and Jhené Aiko, Sparks focuses on singing in ways that play off the beats (many supplied by Amy Winehouse producer Salaam Remi), although she still makes time for some of her signature pop belting. On the 2 Chainz-featuring “Double Tap,” she laments a thirsty Instagram lurker; the infectious “Boyz in the Hood” aims for hip-hop kitsch. A few ballads drag down the album’s momentum and get lost among the bouncy club songs, which either recall DJ Mustard’s sound or are actually produced by him (“It Ain’t You”). Still, rays of sunshine like the reggae jam “Casual Love,” featuring Shaggy, remind us that Sparks is still a girl on fire.

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Below I added only the part Thomas talks about Jordin if you want to see the whole article: Click Here

Rhett’s 13-track album includes his hit “Crash and Burn,” as well as a few surprising collaborations. The rising country star asked Jordin Sparks, a talented pop singer, to join him on a track titled “Playing With Fire” and told us he was really impressed with her.

“She’s great, man,” Rhett gushes. “When she came in to sing the song ‘Playing With Fire’ on the album, it took her like 10 minutes to sing the song. She’s just a really talented human being and as sweet as she can be. I couldn’t be happier to have Jordin featured on my album.”

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We just wanted to take the time out and welcome you guys to the brand new . This site is something we have had planned for a while and the timing was right to do it at this time. We both are very excited to welcome you all to the site. As time goes on the site will fill up. In the mean time please hang tight as we get the site together.

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